The Song of Koumi
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RHSK007 Valley of Tengudake Autumn Evening ( Oil on Linen ) 915 x 1105.jpg

The Song of Koumi

an Exhibition by Richard Hoare

Koumi-machi Kougen Museum of Art, Japan

September 8th - November 4th 2018

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View the exhibition

For an insight into ‘The Song of Koumi’ exhibition as it was in Koumi-Machi Kougen Museum from September 8th to November 4th 2018. With photography from the opening ceremony and footage of a walk through the exhibition.

RHSK059 Silver Birch in June Light ( Oil on Linen ) 1950 x 1460.jpg

A selection of works

For a closer look we have made a selection of the works featured in the exhibition. If you are interested in a complete list of all works included in the exhibition, or a PDF of the details of a particular piece, please contact us.

RHSK105 Matsubarako Lake Summer rain Mist

the catalogue

A beautiful catalogue is the result of a collaboration of the artist and local printer. Having been in the printing business for generations, this is in their words “the best we’ve ever made”.